Development and Testing of EMOS Products


Development and Testing

We follow the latest trends in the field closely, and deliver them to the end users through our trading partners in the form of new EMOS products. The good name of our brand, the quality of our products and the trust of those who sell them are a great commitment which we try to reward when developing, choosing and testing all EMOS products.

Optimal Price and Quality of Our Products


How do we achieve it? Products in our assortment were developed by a team of EMOS specialists and product managers, along with leading global producers in the field.

Through this, we have built an assortment of unique products which exactly meet the price, quality, utility, aesthetic and legislative requirements placed upon them by the individual markets on which they are sold.

Thanks to strict quality requirements, selected product lines come with up to a 5 year warranty.

Thousands of Quality Tests


The development of each and every product involves precise testing and laboratory research.

Every product is subject to strict quality control by a team of inspection workers directly at the place of production and afterwards also in our own laboratory. We run nearly 1,100 tests per year under the supervision of 25 specialists.

The equipment of the laboratory is adapted to the portfolio of the products which we supply to the market.

One of the key pieces of equipment is an integration shepre for measuring light source parameters. Another important device is our goniophotometer for measuring radiation characteristics of luminaires.

The laboratory is also equipped with thermocameras, a computer-controlled optical bench for testing the life of light sources, a device for hot loop testing, battery testers, accumulator testers and other cutting-edge equipment.

Because of this testing, we can confidently stand by the values we list on packaging and guarantee the flawlessness and safety of every product.

Protecting Nature


We look for the optimal path to satisfy the ever increasing demand for sustainable development, while at the same time protecting our goods during handling and transport.

We have our own design centre with a qualified team of graphic designers, who closely follow the latest packaging trends when designing and developing our packaging.

We put emphasis on the use of recyclable packaging material and reduction of the volume of packaging material used.

EMOS Products Are Popular

The best way to recognise a quality product is by its popularity among end users and by the results of independent testing.

EMOS products regularly receive awards in professional media for their innovativeness and quality.


Tested by Rescue Workers


EMOS and GP Batteries flashlights and headlamps regularly undergo quality testing during Rescue Patrol, a training drill of integrated rescue services.

The flashlights and headlamps are tested under extreme conditions for parameters such as runtime, durability, range or rechargeability from a vehicle.

The reliability of our company is attested to by certificates guaranteeing not only the quality of the products sold, but also the quickness of delivery and reliability of services provided.

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