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EMOS - Making Life Easy.

We have a passion for electricity! We enjoy developing, seeking and supplying electrical products whose quality and optimal pricing help our trading partners succeed on today's highly competitive market. Focus on growing your business, save money and leave the complex issues to us. Our strengths lie in excellent stock availability, lightning-fast logistics and simplicity of communication.

Introducing EMOS

EMOS has been offering small household electronics which are integral to our everyday life for almost 30 years.

The EMOS brand primarily includes batteries, light sources and light fittings for household and industrial use, extension leads, flashlights, antennas and small electronic devices such as multimeters, testers, doorbells etc.

Since 1993, EMOS has been the exclusive distributor of the renowned brand GP Batteries, distributing the company’s primary and rechargeable batteries, chargers, power banks, flashlights and headlamps on the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian markets.

The sales and logistics centre of the EMOS holding company  is located in Přerov, Czech Republic, and spans over 16,000 m2.

In cooperation with its sister companies in Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary, EMOS spol. s r.o. supplies its products through a network of distributors to 26 European countries and to over 400 million end users.

In 2020, the consolidated turnover of the EMOS holding company exceeded CZK 2,3 billion.

A Slice of History

The history of the EMOS holding company began in 1991 in Přerov, a small industrial town in the Czech Republic. We have undergone dynamic development over the 30 years of the company's existence.

The parent company of the EMOS holding company is EMOS CZ group a.s., which owns a 100 % share in EMOS spol. s r.o., EMOS Depo CZ s.r.o., EMOS SK, EMOS PL, EMOS HU and EMOS SI. The creation of the EMOS holding company allowed for more efficient management of business policy across the group, centralisation of logistical processes, utilisation of the synergistic effects of unified central purchasing, and allowed individual companies to draw on the capital and economic strength of the EMOS group.

  1. founding of Emos spol. s r.o.
  2. founding of a subsidiary in Slovakia
  3. founding of a subsidiary in Slovenia
  4. construction of a modern Eurologistics centre
  5. founding of a subsidiary in Poland
  6. launch of online store for partners and end customers
  7. subsidiary companies start transitioning to centralised Eurologistics
  8. creation of a testing laboratory
  9. founding of a subsidiary in Hungary
  10. all subsidiaries complete the transition to the use of a central logistics centre
  11. start of construction of new office spaces
  12. founding of EMOS CZ Group a.s. holding company
  13. redesign of the graphic identity of the company and introduction of a new logo
  14. move to the newly built offices

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